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Canada-Ask Immigration and Investment Services Inc. is a newly formed company offering immigration and investment services to “newcomers” who wish to immigrate to Canada, and more specifically, to the province of Prince Edward Island under Canadian Immigration Programs and the Provincial Nominee Program of Prince Edward Island.

The Company was established by two former employees of the Provincial Nominee Program (Office of Immigration),  Eric A. Ellsworth and Emily PEI Taylor, both of which have significant experience in the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. In addition, they have a third partner, Tao Bian, who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario and has experience in capital investment and project services to many “newcomers” to Canada.

The main focus of Canada Ask is to provide immigration services to those who wish to access programs such as: the Provincial Nominee Program, the Work Permit Stream under the Business Impact Category, Labor Impact Category, Express Entry and Start up Visa.

Canada-Ask Immigration and Investment Services Inc. offers a full range of services to newcomers, including: assistance in starting a new company/businesses, purchasing an existing company and or investing into an existing company, all of which must meet the PNP guidelines and terms and conditions of the programs.  

In addition, we work closely with one of the 7 Prince Edward Island Agents and provide support services to the 100% Investment “Business Category” for this Agency in finding suitable applicants who would qualify to apply through this program of the PEI PNP.

In a very short period of time our company has developed a very strong relationship with the Chinese community of Prince Edward Island. We work with many newcomers to provide business management and consulting services to ensure that their investment meets the business criteria of all Provincial Nominee Programs as well as provide solid business advice on making the right investment for success.

Canada-Ask Immigration and Investment Services Inc. will soon be visiting some major cities in China to host some seminars on the Provincial Nominee Program and to meet potential applicants who wish to know more about Immigration and the opportunities here in Prince Edward Island.


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If you would like to speak with one of our skilled employees about immigration or investment services, use the link below to reach out. We would be thrilled to assist you with your inquiry. 

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